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As you will see from our many testimonials, 99% of our customers are satisfied with our services because we truly care about you and the safety of your possessions. With thousands of satisfied office and residential moves completed, we will keep Texas Moving Right Along  

Mary M.

I was so please with the services that Moving Right Along provided! I set up this move before the COVID-19 Pandemic. We were in the process of getting my mom’s house ready to sell, getting all of that together, coordinating with family members, etc.! Anyone in this position could only know what a monumental task that is. Because of the pandemic, we kept having to postpone Moving Right Along worked with me to extend my time frame for their services. Moving Right Along’s representatives arrived ON TIME, very courteous & were professionally dress. Our move consisted pf moving furniture from my mom’s house to my house and furniture from my house to my mom’s. The Moving Right Along Team listened, asked questions, and executed the move flawlessly! I would highly recommend them to anyone! Many thanks for such great service! Best

Audrey B

I want to thank Lori, Scott, and Danny for getting everything knocked out quickly and seamlessly! Moving has always been a S**T show for me and my roommate, I have never felt confident in my movers and I have always run into a problem where the movers would go slow to get paid extra... When I spoke to Lori, she not only was way helpful but also texted me the day of my move to confirm everything had been taken care of fully! Scott and Danny were a delight, they communicated and were SO DELICATE with ALL of our belongings, I had so much confidence and trust in them moving all of our things. I move very frequently for my job so I will 100 percent be using Lori and her Team moving forward! 10/10 would recommend! Thank you, guys!

Jessica C

They are super fast and friendly! Moving in Texas in August is brutal but they are such a joy to work with!

Jason S

Very professional. Moving staff was friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend.

Keto with JFlo

Dillon and the crew are amazing!! They came right in and got to work! Very efficient and I also had a 2nd stop before the final destination that have them a bit of a hiccup but nothing that they couldn’t handle! I’m referring them to someone as I type this review!!! Thank you!

Prateek S

Quicker. Professional guys. Scott lead the team pretty efficiently and finished the job on time.

Emily N

CJ and team did a good job. Arrived during promised time frame and got the job done. Move went smoothly.


Dillon and Matt were absolutely fantastic. Knocked out the whole apartment in 2 hours and wasted no time. Highly recommend.


YALL this is the place to use when moving!!!! They were great about communication and super efficient. Not to mention their quotes beat a lot of other movers!

Meagan M

This was my first time using this company and they were so quick to give me an amazing quote and get me on the schedule. I contacted them because I wanted to move sooner, and they rescheduled me for the very next day. Very responsive and affordable. The movers were polite and quick to get me in my new apartment. I would highly recommend this company!

Daniel F

I recently bought a house and began the process of moving my girlfriend and her family and myself into the house. My girlfriend is 9 Months pregnant and I have some very large and heavy items. I reached out to Moving Right along and they gave me an amazing price and Harvey and his crew were absolutely amazing! I think think they cleared out my girlfriend's house in 30 minutes. It took less than 6 hours to move my girlfriend's house and my whole apartment into the new house. I would strongly recommend this company!

Madison B

We had a really wonderful experience! Scott, Easy, and Mike did a great job and were able to get everything moved within our allotted time and were so kind along the way. Will definitely be using y’all again for any future needs, thank you so much!

Jacki B

Brandon and RC aka Big Rod were the best movers!! They were fast and efficient! They were also very very nice! They even helped me figure out where I wanted to place things spaciously in my apartment which was so helpful, they had some great ideas. Overall I would definitely use them again!
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